Balena ssh problem

I am trying to use balena ssh command to access into a container. I already put my public key into the preferences, but I am not able to connect to this container.
I’m using the following command:
balena ssh UUID dev

And it show me the following message: Permission denied (publickey).
SSH: Remote command "host UUID" exited with non-zero status code "255"

Are the SSH keys correctly configured in balenaCloud? See:
Are you accidentally using `sudo`?

Hello, are you using a production or development edition of balenaOS? Also, which version of the OS? If it’s a production version, you will need to copy the ssh public key into config.json as described here: meta-balena/ at master · balena-os/meta-balena · GitHub

We are using Production balenaOS 2.107.23. I am using balena-cli in Ubuntu x86, I tried with ubuntu arm and it works perfectly, my team use Mac ARM and works for them.

Actually If I access through ssh to an ARM server and use the same key (ForwardAgent yes) to run balena ssh ... it works.

It could be related to the SO on my side?