Balena Sound use source code and add mopidy

Hi everyone.

Firstly, I am a novice so apologies for anything incorrect.

I love balenasound, but also wanted the functionally of mopidy to play local and Spotify files together on numerous devices with snapcast.

So I started from scratch and have this working with raspbian, mopidy, raspotify and snapcast. I still need to explore Bluetooth and airplay installs and snapcast setups for these. It was hard enough getting mopidy and raspotify working with snapcast

However, as snapcast works so well for balenasound, I was curious how one would either install mopidy on a deployed balenasound device, or use the source code (docker and sh scripts) to install the whole balena sound project manually to raspbian?

I would be grateful for any advice

Thank you

The direction I would explore is adding mopidy as another service to balenaSound docker-compose file

There are several mopidy Docker images on dockerhub, so I think it may be worth trying to adapt one of them and add it to balenaSense app.
What do you think?

You’re amazing thank you, that is exactly what I was after. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on

I’ve now managed to get everything from balena working manually except for Bluetooth so it depends on what is more work though for me to learn; how to get Bluetooth (including a backend to snapcast) on my raspbian install, or learn docker and sh scripts for balena to get mopidy working

Another question would be how can I ssh into a Valens sound raspberry pi to install additional packages, so I can install mopidy manually?


the workflow in BalenaOS does not require SSH connection in order to install packages. All the applications in BalenaOS run in docker containers so the easiest way to get it running is writing your own Dockerfile that would be based on debian/raspbian and instruct it to install all the necessary packages. The docker image will be built for you and you can then simply add it as another service to the docker-compose file.

Thank you all. I need to read more about docker, but have since switched to picoreplayer for my media server, but have loved using balena sound, especially after snapcast integration, but I just need access to local files and my coding knowledge is poor so will take a lot of time to read, test and understand. So, I’m being lazy. I’m a chemist not a coder like you guys!! Lol

Thank you all for your replies