Balena OS/Open Balena: Downloading delta for image 'registristry.openbalena...'

Hello, I am running an instance of the open balena server, however, when I submit a new release, I receive an error message, and I am unable to download the new available release.

The error message that appears is the same as the image below:

The server is running on Linode, using Ubuntu 22.04, device is raspberry zero w.

From this post (Failing to download image delta: no such file or directory. Broken image delta. - #10 by mugeesh | @ab77 ) I saw that deleting the internal sqlite database of the device could allow it to download the new release. I tried that, and it worked. The problem is that this happens for every new release that I send, which makes me need to delete the internal database of all my devices for every release that I send.

Anyone knows what is causing this problem so I can solve?

Thanks in advance.

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