Balena Etcher Command Line

I would like to run a script to program my Balena Fin boards instead of using Balena Etcher, on a Mac. If I use Balena Etcher to scan for Compute modules, then a drive is created (/dev/disk2) that I can use in my script to program it. I can see this drive (/dev/disk2) when I run the “diskutil list” command. My script simply runs:

balena local flash <image_path> --drive <drive_path> --yes

where <drive_path> is /dev/disk2. This works great.

However, once I unplug the USB cable from the Balena Fin, the drive is deleted. If I connect the USB cable to a new Balena Fin, the drive is not automatically created again, so I am unable to program the Fin with this script. Running “diskutil list” does not show the /dev/disk2 drive. If I open Balena Etcher and scan for compute modules, Balena Etcher can discover the Compute module, and the /dev/disk2 drive is created again during Balena Etcher’s scan. However, I really don’t want to run Balena Etcher every time I connect the USB cable to a new Balena Fin.

Is there a command I can add to my script that can detect a new Balena Fin, and/or mount it to /dev/disk2, or is there any way to initiate a system scan to discover the Fin on /dev/disk2 so I don’t have to run Balena Etcher to create the drive? I don’t know enough about filesystems to know the right approach to solve this problem and appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!

Hello, One solution would be to use the Etcher SDK directly. We use this internally for tasks similar to yours:

Thank you - I’ll take a look.