Balena Etcher - clone drive, now have two blank drives

Ich hatte das selbe Problem.

Mein Format war ExFAT.

Hat aber trotzdem geklappt,

I tried on a Mac i think the issue is from my side on the mac, Can you please post the same procedure on Windows 10, Thank You.

Been trying for 2 weeks.

@zvin Can you help please with the same procedure on windows, I am sorry but in need of the help.


The instructions won’t work on Windows 10 as it lacks the same raw device access tools like dd which are required. The disk should be recoverable in your Mac though, or are you saying that it isn’t working there?


I have managed to do as instructed above on a mac device, I have the copy.img file but I keep getting this message
The only drive that was backed up was the C drive, is there a way to the rest of the drives.

as you can see in the screen shot disk3 os the physical one that was erased by the bug in the application
disk4 is the image mounted which is only drive C

as i recall they were 4 or 5 drives NTFS
What can I do ?

Hi Amr,

You can also try using testdisk on your macOS to see if it can recover your partitions in your external drive. You may be able to install testdisk using homebrew: brew install testdisk

Once testdisk is installed, plug in the drive to your MacOS machine and if MacOS suggests formatting the drive, select ignore. On a terminal, run sudo diskutil list to see the drive path. It would show as /dev/disk3 (external, physical) if that is the only drive attached to your mac.

Now run testdisk using sudo testdisk. You can select creating a new log file. Select your disk from the list. It should show up like Disk /dev/disk3 from the list. Make sure that you select your external drive (we don’t want any more accidents). Select the drive then select Proceed. Select the Intel/PC partition. Then select Analyze and select quick search. It should scan the whole drive for any partitons. This might take an hour depending on your drive size.

It would show the partitions that it has detected. Check if these are the partitions that you want to recover. Hit enter to continue if the partitions were successfully detected. You should be then given an option to write the partition table to the disk. Select Write then confirm. Reboot your Mac once done.

I have used testdisk before at a past job to recover partitions on a RAID disk array that failed during a power outage. I hope it works for your as well. Let us know how it goes.


Hello Team Balena
running windows 7
Balena Etcher 1.5.109
tried to clone samsung evo 256gb sd cards
both cards wiped out
any help to get image back on card would be more than welcomed
I do not own a MAC, but I can borrow one

@humptycocco - thanks for letting us know you have a Mac available for troubleshooting, that helps a lot. Can you confirm the below as well before we send over instructions?

  • The source drive was erased, right ?
  • If yes, do you know how the source drive was partitioned ?
  • Was it an MBR or GPT partition table ?
  • How many partitions were there ? What type of partitions ?
    Thank you so much.

The source drive was erased, right ? will not boot up, raspberry pie cannot read sd card
yes, do you know how the source drive was partitioned ? going by this link Edit Partitions | Resizing the Raspberry Pi Boot Partition | Adafruit Learning System
Was it an MBR or GPT partition table ? GPT
How many partitions were there ? What type of partitions ? When i type df -k my screen looks like this(just with different #'s)

Hello @humptycocco

Only the partition table was erased (it is the list of partitions and their offsets on the drive), the partitions are still there on the drive.

Have you tried following the instructions from this post Balena Etcher - clone drive, now have two blank drives - #54 by harderased ?
testdisk should be able to find the partitions and recreate the partition table.

Otherwise you can try following Balena Etcher - clone drive, now have two blank drives - #44 by zvin which is manually doing what testdisk would do: looking for partition headers on the disk.

testdisk is also available on Windows: TestDisk - CGSecurity

Hey bro,
How can i tell for sure what partition table type I need?
Is MBR correct?
After running Quick Search, both partitions appear in GREEN(* FAT 32 and P Linux)
I confirm WRITE with Enter, y and OK.
TestDisk displays You have to restart your Computer to access your data so press Enter a last time and reboot your computer.

I load image and start RPI3
Now I have a flashing cursor on my screen.
Image is supposed to autoexpand on first boot. Wait 3 minutes, turn off then start again.
Start up 2nd time and flashing cursor still there

Recovered my image
Anyone recommend a disk editor?

Hey @humptycocco sounds like progress, right? Have your recovered your drive totally fine?

Anyone recommend a disk editor?

I’m not sure what you are asking for. Can you please clarify?

@gelbal I can access my files.(Woo Hoo)

Trying to fix the boot sector on the sd card so it will boot up. (I need to compare both boot sectors to each other, compare that to the content I find at the designated locations and adjust both sectors accordingly to the most probable figures.)

People have said to use any disk editor

Reading up on Active@ Disk Editor

Hey, humptycocco, my recommendation to you would be to forget the MBR. Just mount the partition, recover your data, and transfer it to a fresh install of Raspbian (or whatever OS you’re using).

Hi All,

i am very grateful that i read this topic first before i clone my sonore microrendu sdcard for backup purpose. luckily i do not have sdcard reader now, as balena need 2 sd card connect on the same time. is this issue / bug already fixed ? am currently using windows as when i insert my sonore sdcard, windows read it with 3 drive unreadable by windows. may i still using the etcher clone sdcard to backup my card ? thanks.


Etcher on Windows [v1.5.107, 1.5.108, 1.5.109 and , 1.5.110] has a bug in the “clone drive” feature that erases the partition table of the source disk. This has been fixed, and the faulty releases have been pulled. Make sure that you are not on any of the releases mentioned above and things should work fine for you

Hi Anuj,

thank you. so meaning that version 1.5,111 onward are good ? am currently using version 1.5.116.