Balena Cloud Variables - Value Reference Another Variable?


I was wondering if these was a way to have variables, at fleet, service or device level, reference the value of another?

For example, if we have some central DEVICE_ID variable key, and we have redundancy between service configurations that drive their own respective variable keys from this same value, can something such as ${DEVICE_ID} be used in the value of a different variable? Or even composition such as specific-value-${DEVICE_ID}.

I suspect from experimentation that the answer is no. Just thought Iā€™d check! & also to see if Iā€™m approaching this wrongly.



Hi there,

As you suspected we do not support this sort of variable interpolation/composition at the moment, but I have just opened an issue internally to track this request and we will update you as we make progress on it!

Thank you for the feedback!

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