Change name of a device service variable [feature request]

During development and testing, I have decided to rename a bunch of my container environment variables.

For testing: this also means that I need to delete the device service variable in my balena cloud dashboard and recreate a new device service variable with the new name.

So it would be nice if besides the value I could also change the name of the device service variable in the balena cloud dashboard.

Unfortunately this is not possible today I will ask around if we can provide this feature in the future. Meanwhile you can use balena-cli to achieve this: balean-cli env rename <id> <value> would do the trick.
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Thanks for the fast response.

According to the balena documentation ( it is not possible to use this command to change the name of a specific device service variable.

Right, yes that is unfortunately not supported today. Will try to see if there are plans to include this functionality soon.

Hey, so the next few months of the CLI is going to be pretty interesting. We’re going to be replacing the underlying engine with oclif and when doing that, overhaul both the commands used and the interface provided to call them. This command is also planned to be tackled with the same overhaul, but as of yet unfortunately, I cannot give you a solid time frame.