balena cliv12.51.1 not working with openbalena


Since i upgrade my cli to version v12.51.1 i can’t move devices to an other fleet anymore. I always get the following message :

No suitable fleets found for selection
Do all devices have a compatible architecture?

ExpectedError: No suitable fleets found for selection
Do all devices have a compatible architecture?
at DeviceMoveCmd.interactivelySelectApplication (C:\Program Files\balena-cli\client\build\commands\device\move.js:70:23)
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)

Raf Schandevyl

Hello @RafS

just to get more context are you using balena device move? could you please tell us more of the call that you are making?

Meanwhile I will ping the CLI team :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to move a device from one app to an other. with older version of the cli i then get list off existing apps from witch i can choose to move the device to. with the latest cli i get the error.

comman is balena device move


Thank you for reporting this issue @RafS :+1:
I see that some changes were made to balena device move in CLI release 12.48.7 - Changelog, which could be related.

Could you confirm if the CLI version that used to work before was older than 12.48.7? If you still know what the old version was, and/or if you could test with balena CLI release 12.48.6, it would help us narrow it down.

And also, please confirm the version of openBalena that you are using. Have you tested with the latest version of openBalena?

Unfortunately, it is not the case the all versions of the balena CLI work with all versions of openBalena. We try to ensure that the latest version of the balena CLI works with the latest version of openBalena, but updates to the balena CLI are not guaranteed to work with older versions of openBalena.

Thank you again for helping us identify and resolve this issue.

Currently i’m working with version 12.48.6, with this version it still works. and i’m working with version 3.4.1 of openbalena.


hey there
Apologies for the late response. It turns out that CLI versions newer than v12.48.6 won’t work with openBalena.
The current workaround is to downgrade to v12.48.6. There is a ticket tracking the issue here so you can check the progress on this.