Balena and OpenHAB

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Is there any official balena image or official way yo use openHAB docker with balena eco system.

I mean, I want to deploy openHAB docker image into the my beaglebone black device with balena push.
My BBB has already balenaOS and it’s registered by balena cloud.

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P.S: Balena eco-system is seriously nice. Thx for this.

Thanks for your kind words! It sounds like you are almost there as far as deploying openHAB on balena. Although there is no official balena image, you can simply push one of openHab’s docker containers (in a Dockerfile or docker-compose.yml file) to your device using balena push via the balena CLI. (balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation) Here’s a very simple example that should get you started:

version: '2'
    restart: always
    image: openhab/openhab:3.1.0
      - 'openhab-conf:/openhab/conf'
      - 'openhab-data:/openhab/userdata'
      - 'openhab-addons:/openhab/addons'
    privileged: true
    network_mode: host

Save this file as docker-compose.yml and use the balena push command from the same folder. However, keep in mind that there are many options available, so you’ll want to check out their documentation/forums for a setup that works best for your needs.

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