Automatically Enable Public Device URL

I’m wondering what the best way is to automatically enable the “Public Device URL” for all devices in an application without manually visiting each device page and enabling it through the “Actions” menu?

Feels like it should be a config variable, but I’m not seeing it.


Hey @rmoore,

There isn’t a way to batch enable device URLs from the dashboard, though it’s sounds like a good idea. (I’ll create an issue).

Currently the best way is to do it is via the SDK. You’d loop through devices in an app and run resin.models.device.enableDeviceUrl(<uuid>);. You can find more details in the docs.


Great, thanks for your help!

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I’ve created an issue internally for the dashboard functionality. Will let you know how it progresses. :thumbsup:

Hi @craig-mulligan - any update on this topic?

the dashboard is receiving new features and functionality constantly. Although there are implemented some filters/actions for groups of devices, the ability to enable/disable the public urls for a group of devices is not there yet. However, I see that there is a feature request for this in the dashboard, so it’s something that we are considering adding.