Audio out thru 3.5 mm jack with HDMI connected

Most of the support topics I’ve found so far on this are from people using balena sound and I’m just trying to do standalone balena and output my audio from mpg321 thru the audio jack. It worked fine when I had an HDMI monitor plugged in (thru the monitor) but now that I’m using the jack, I get nothing. I tried the suggestion of amixer cset numid=3 1 on the command line and got: connot find the given element from the control default. I’m not sure what other settings there are to force the audio out. Any help appreciated.

Hey @mydknight,

Thanks for reporting in. Have you tried connecting the 3.5mm audio out into some kind of pre-amp / amplifier? For the Raspberry Pi, the sound signal is there, but it needs amplification. Let me know if you get a chance to try that. Also, just for context on this thread, what device are you using (I assumed Raspberry Pi, but let me know!).