API Rate limits and workarounds

Currently we have around two dozen devices and we are polling each of them via the sdk/api about every 5 seconds.

We’re experiencing a lot of timeout requests and error messages saying there are too many requests. We can’t build reliably anymore.

I was wondering if there is any detailed information on the performance of the api, how it rate limits and when. Would it be a matter of signing up for different plan to get better performance?

Thanks a lot for the help!

Hi there,
We do perform some rate-limiting for our API endpoints, but the specific limits are not documented, and we are still investigating what the best values would be.
May I ask you why you need to poll each one of them every 5 seconds? I’m asking because If we can better understand the use case maybe we can help you find another solution. May I also ask you if in your case making a single request for multiple devices would still be fine ?

Hi @JSReds - Thanks for the suggestion. I’m currently working on an implementation that calls the getAll* versions of the functions instead of multiple get functions.