Anyone running Swift in balenaCloud?

I’ve started to experiment with running a Swift based app on a RaspberryPi using balenaCloud.

I was able to get a proof of concept up and running pretty quickly using a pre-built dockerized Swift toolchain here:

For now I’m using Swift 4.1.2 as my base image for both build and runtime.

While Swift on ARM Linux isn’t officially supported (only x86-64), there appears to be growing community support.

Has anyone else experimented with running Swift on balena? I’d love to hear about it.


@wlisac I haven’t seen many others doing it yet, but that is super cool. Its something I have thought would be fun to try some day, now it won’t be as difficult. Does swift have much in the way of GPIO or sensor libraries yet?

So far I’ve been focusing on Bluetooth (scanning for beacons, connecting to BLE devices, etc). I’ve been using to accomplish most of that.

As far as GPIO, I’d like to try that next. This looks promising, but I haven’t used it yet: