Adhoc wifi network



Hi all,

I had a Adhoc wifi network functioning great before they added Network-Manager on top of WPA_Supplicant and so trying to re-learn how to do everything. Has anyone had success getting a Adhoc network setup with network-manager at all?

I’m currently placing this in a file in system-connections (how I’ve been configuring my balena nodes to put up access points - different file obv which works great). So trying to understand what’s wrong with this file, if I can get it working with this then I’ll script it with the Python API for Nwtwork Manager

I’ve tried:
With/Without Security
With/Without Static IP
With/Without band specification






I’ve noticed on the Arch linux wiki page the following note: NetworkManager does not support WPA encryption in ad-hoc mode. Could be the reason. I do not have personally experience with setting up an ad-hoc type of network.


@majorz Thanks for the reply!

I’ve tried without security as well - no luck. Was wondering if there’s any requirements from Balena side that they might not accept a network without security?


Will making the device act as an access point with DNS/DHCP enabled be also suitable for your use case? Can you please provide more details about the purpose.


No, I can’t be reliant on a single node hence using adhoc. I have a bunch of pis on drones that communicate over adhoc wifi network. I’m trying to use Balena as easy way of managing the whole swarm but network is proving difficult



Hi r4space,

Did you manage to get this concept working?

I am also thinking about using an adhoc solution to collect the sensor data from multiple RPi without a need of a ready Wifi infrastructure. A Wifi adhoc can also extend the collection coverage. However, I don’t know if is a suitable system for this concept.