Adding Kernel Modules to Odroid XU4

Hello, I’d like to use a TFT LCD screen with our Odroid XU4 fleet.

Here is a wiki page describing how to set that up by Hardkernel

It seems all that needs to happen is have the module added and make sure SPI isn’t blacklisted. I don’t even know where to start on doing that with Yocto.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jacob,
for starters I would try to ensure that the modules you are wanting to use are actually present in the OS.
This can be done by ssh’ing into the host OS and calling something like:
ls -lr /lib/modules/ | grep <module name>
If that does not produce any result, the modules in are not available in balena. I this case you might have to compile them from source. I have found a project that might be a starting point for that:

If the modules are present your container should be able to load them using modprobe. I am not quite sure if you need to make your container privileged to do that.
Apparently blacklisting modules is not possible but you can unload them according to this post:

After running ls -lR /lib/modules/ none of the following modules were listed on the Host OS for my Odroid XU4s:

  • spi_s3c64xx
  • spidev
  • fbtft_device

We currently have 10 devices in the field with plans to release 20 more. If we do the kernel module build thing what will be our route to get that into production?

Thanks for your help @samothx

Hi ! I brought in our kernel modules specialists and they will take a look - we will keep you updated :slight_smile:

Hi. This was added in
Should be available in 2.31.5+rev1 or later

Hi. This was added in
Should be available in 2.31.5+rev1 or later

Thank you for your help @floion

Two questions: how soon can my team expect to see the new release in the Balena Cloud dashboard and is there a way for us to remotely update BalenaOS on the already deployed devices without having to replace the SD card?

Thanks again,

Hello, we expect to have the new version in the next couple of weeks. You will be able to remotely update them from the Dashboard.

Awesome! Thank you all for your help.

Sure thing, hope to get the testing soon and release the new OS version for your use.

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On second thought, @Jacob, you can also check the release status for the different device types using this project :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, I will keep an eye out there thank you.

On a completely different topic we see instability regularly on the balenaCloud platform typically when surrounding the times where there are “elevated error rates” or “high server load” on the balenaCloud status page. Any idea what’s causing these things and is there a plan to improve the overall balenaCloud stability?

Thank you! :+1:

Any updates on when you think 2.31.5+rev1 will be released for the OdroidXU4?

Any updates on when you think 2.31.5+rev1 will be released for the OdroidXU4?

@imrehg @dfunckt @floion

Sorry, not sure, but we are running the test across our device types for v2.32.0, and we are checking how we can prioritize this device type. Should be soon, and thanks for your patience!

Okay thank you. Keep me updated, we are eager to get this into production! @imrehg

Any update here?

Hi @Jacob sorry for the delay on this. I can let you know that the new release for the XU4 is in testing but we don’t have any other status update to give right now unfortunately; we have a backlog of testing to get through.

Hi Jacob. Sorry this has taken this long. We just released v2.31.5+rev1 so hopefully you can use your TFT screen on this release

Thank you! We’ll check it out and report back here.