Add host dns to docker container

I have added my router to the list of nameservers when making the OS and I can see it is in the /etc/resolv.conf on the Raspberry pi host. When I shell into the docker container and look at the resolv.conf it only has a dns entry for a server 10...*. With a regular docker container I can pass in nameservers using --dns=

Does resin not use this? How can I get my router passed in the the container as a dns server? I have an app that looks for PhillipsHue by hostname (registered using UpnP). It works if I manually add my router to the dns entries for the container, but obviously this is wiped each time the container is updated.


you can set the “dnsServers” property in the config.json file in the boot partition. So you will need to add “dnsServers”: “XX.XX.XX.XX YY.YY.YY.YY” (space separated) in the config.json.
You can read more about reading and writing the config.json file here:

Hi @izavits I have just added this key in the object and rebooted but nothing changed.

I have just looked in /run/dnsconf.servers and the entry I added is there, it’s just for whatever reason not able to be resolved in my container (the only dns entry there is nameserver which I’m assuming is dnsMasq?