Accessing device on port 80 if not connected to the internet

My device has eth0 and eth1, eth1 has a fixed IP address configured on the image file.

I want to use eth1 to directly connect to the device on port 80 (web interface running in the container) to be able to set some persistent configurations. Using a crossover ethernet cable, I would like to connect my computer to the device directly, and access that ip:80. Is this possible?


Hi Juan!

Is the web interface already set up? Just to understand it properly, you have a device with an application that exposes a web interface on port 80, and you want to access such interface with a direct point to point eth connection from your computer. Am I right?

Hey there, exactly that! Thanks

So as long as your computer in in the same subnet as the device, it should be visible. If, for example, the device’s IP is and the subnet mask is, setting to your computer should suffice

Perfect, thanks, I will give it a try!