access production device without internet access


i just have a common question how to access a device. We have some production devices running and one of them now got a false network config. Result is: device can be reached via IP but does not have access to the internet by itself (gateway config false)
Is there any chance to access a production device that is not connected to the internet? I found “balena ssh” via IP but as far as I could test it checks against cloud keys on the device side and only works if the device is online.
So if someone knows a solution how to access or how to prepare future devices for this situation, please let me know

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Hello @danielboe do you have another balena device in the same network?

Did you try this? Accessing a Device using a Gateway Device - Balena Documentation

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you are my hero @mpous . It worked exactly as described. This saved me some hours, thanks :slight_smile:

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Glad that it worked @danielboe

Let us know how we can help you more!