About this forum

forums.balena.io is a community forum designed to help resin.io users help and learn from each other. This forum serves as a place where the resin.io community can come and discuss projects they are building or troubles they are facing.

Please be as friendly and loving to each other as humanly possible. There are a few rules below to help you achieve this ;D

Le Rules:

  1. Keep it clean: This forum is a place to learn and share. In this spirit, please refrain from using vulgar language, hate speech or posting nudity or vulgar content.

  2. Respect one another: Try keep things civil, don’t turn the forum into a virtual yelling match. Be respectful of people and their opinions even if they don’t align with your own.

  3. Use English: We know that resin.io user are an international bunch, but try keep your posts and questions in english. You will have a far greater chance of getting the community to respond to you.

  4. Do not spam, sell or trade on the forum: This one is pretty self explanatory. Nobody likes spam. So don’t do it.

  5. Don’t get us into trouble: Don’t post copyrighted material or links to cracking software, etc. A good basic rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t post it on your personal website, then don’t post it here.

  6. Help where you can: This forum was created to help all resin.io users. So even if you feel you are a noob and can’t help, chances are there are a few people that are even less experienced or just starting out, so in this forum any help is good help.

  7. There are probably a bunch of other things I should write here, but can’t think of them. The general rule here is: