5Ghz Wifi dongles

As written in the FAQ

If your device keeps dropping offline, it may be worth switching to 5GHz band wifi dongle, as we have seen cases where 2.4GHz gets badly affected by surrounding noise.

I have to fix a similar issue. So which 5GHz band wifi dongles are known to work?

Hey, these 5GHz wifi dongles are known to work with RPi:

Both use the same Ralink RT5572 chip and should work fine. We also tried some other after-market dongles (Netgear) that didn’t work.

Note that for 5GHz wifi it’s better to use a dongle with strong antennas (like the first one has above) and make sure you provide enough power to the device, as they’re known to suck up quite a bit of power (~0.5A).

In any case, we’d love to hear whether other gear does or doesn’t work!



I can confirm the CSL 27395 (the one from Amazon) is working on the raspberry pi out of the box. Even the Resin Wifi connect demo works! You can add it to the known working devices there.

Will test the Beaglebone and 5Ghz capabilities more next week.