14GB Image Won't Fit on 31.9 GB microSD Card


I’m encountering an error message stating that a 14 GB image won’t fit on my 31.9 GB microSD card because it recommends a 32 GB drive. My microSD card is labeled as having a capacity of 31.9 GB, and I’m unsure why there’s a discrepancy.


MicroSD card: sandisk
Image size: 14 GB
Error message:target is too small 
Software used: balenaEtcher-1.18.11
Operating system:Windows 11

I’ve attempted formatting the microSD card, but the issue persists. Any insights or suggestions on how to resolve this error would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello, the formatting does add some overhead, so it can be normal for the computer to report that the card has less than 32 GB. Your 14 GB image, when expanded and written to a card may actually need a minimum of 32 GB, so you might need to try a larger card.


I thank for the replay.

The etcher tool indicates that the target is too small when I insert a 32 GB SD card. How can I fix this?

Thanks& Regards