1 Wire Thermocouple Addresses as Device Variables

Hi everyone!

Hoping someone out there might be able to help me with this one… We have devices we are working on where each device will have its own group of five Dallas 1-Wire thermocouples. As you might know each Dallas thermocouple as its own unique ID kind of like Mac addresses. I was hoping to figure out a way where I could enter the five unique ids for each device within the resin web interface as hopefully a local variable unique to that device. Then the python scripts we are running can always remain the same and just load in those variables on a device specific runtime environment. If this is possible would anyone have any experience in how to set it up so that the python program can find those local thermocouple variables?

If there is not an option to do it this way then could someone suggest another clever way of doing it hopefully in a way that I dont need to upload unique variable files for each device.

Thanks so much.