WiFi connection (2.4GHz) issues with Raspberry Pi 4


This topic its related to this post which @mpous is already aware of it.

After some test, I’ve checked that if I setup my router WiFi connection with a channel higher than >11, the RaspberryPi 4 is not able to connect and establish a connection.

In the FAQ topics, there’s a section which describes this behaviour, but only for RaspberryPi model 3.

I wonder if anyone have suffered the same issues in order to modify the FAQ and it as well (if it’s confirmed that is a general issue in RPi4 as well…).

If I can perform any other test, please let me know it.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

It’s possible that this is related to the frequency limitations of the Raspberry Pi 4’s Wi-Fi radio. As you mentioned, there is an FAQ section that describes a similar issue with the Raspberry Pi 3. While the Raspberry Pi 4 has a different Wi-Fi radio, it’s possible that this limitation still applies.

To confirm whether this is a general issue with the Raspberry Pi 4, it may be helpful to perform some additional tests, such as:

  • Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network with a channel lower than 12 and confirm that the Raspberry Pi 4 is able to connect.
  • Test the Raspberry Pi 4 with a different Wi-Fi router to see if the issue persists.
  • Check if any other devices in the same Wi-Fi network are experiencing similar connectivity issues.

If these tests confirm that the issue is specific to the Raspberry Pi 4 and higher Wi-Fi channels, then it may be appropriate to update the FAQ to include this information.