Wi-Fi Interface MAC address is changing every time

I use the command

nmcli -p -f general.hwaddr device show wlan0

To get the WiFi MAC address, and we use a Wi-Fi dongle as well and use

nmcli -p -f general.hwaddr device show wlan1

To get its MAC address. But on some devices, we notice that this command returns a different MAC address everytime.

I understand that there is a randomization happening during Wi-Fi scan, but our goal is to whitelist this Wi-Fi interface to our network so it can connect, but this command however displays a different value periodically. Any advice?

Hello @lge , you can disable MAC address randomization with this balenaOS config.json change:

Let us know if you are still having issues after applying that setting!

Applying this didn’t fix it. The output mac address of this command still changes every time.

Is it only the dongle interface that changes addresses? It could be related to the kernel driver or the udev rules around removable interfaces like that.