Why is the 22222 port open in Production mode?

In my understanding, the 22222 port is only available when in Developer mode.
Why is the 22222 port open in Production mode?

If it is only a problem with my device, I’m sorry.


Hey @Keisuke, that’s not a currect understaind, The ssh server on that port is running on all operating systems, and thus that port accepts connection (the port being open).

The difference is, that on development images that ssh server is open, meaning ssh server accepts connections without any authentication. That’s what

Passwordless SSH into balenaOS on port 22222 as the root user

in that documentation means.

On production images ssh connection requires authentication. That ssh service is required for the functioning of the dashboard web terminal (which connects to the device through ssh over the backend VPN connection) and the balena ssh function of the CLI.

Hope this clear things up, please let us know of you have any further questions.

Hello @imrehg

Thank you for answering.
I have not understood enough yet.
Until now, ssh thought it would be done through VPN.


The above sentence says to use 443,125,53.

Can I use Balena Cloud if I use a proxy that allows only the above three ports?

Yes you should be able to use balenaCloud with a prox only allowing those ports.
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