where to find balena-cli config file after installation

Hi everyone!

I am following the documentation on how to install openBalena. At the section Install the balena CLI on the local machine I am struggling with finding the configuration file ~/.balenarc.yml.
I am on a Linux machine and I have balena-cli version 13.1.11 installed. Was the configuration file possibly renamed and/or moved somewehere different?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


You probably don’t actually have that file (yet) and everything is using the default values.
As far as I’m aware, it’s not a file that is automatically created when install or run balena-cli.

You can simply create a new file using your favorite text editor and it will pick up your configuration.

Something to keep in mind is that usually files starting with a dot won’t show up unless you explicitly ask for it.
For example ls won’t show them, but ls --all will.

Thanks for the clarification! Creating the file manually, works! :slight_smile: