Way to make application aware of updates?


I am using openBalena for an IoT scoreboard which spends most of its time in “hotspot” mode to be controlled via a mobile app, but is connected to the user’s home network to download updates. We would like the application to display some feedback to the user to let them know that the board is currently updating (via the display) while the update is being downloaded. How can the application be made aware that the supervisor is downloading an update?


You can use the API - we have a download progress field under the device resource - see - https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/api/resources/device/

Thanks so much! So what is the best way to access the API from within the application? Is there a way to get the authorization token directly from the device? We are using Python for the majority of the application, and are using the Balena Python SDK for some fleet management things already.


hope this is helpful

Yes, it is! Thank you!