Vcgencmd and nodejs

Im tring to use the balenalib/rpi-raspbian to use the vcgencmd command and node.js.
I installed nodejs RUN apt-get update && curl -sL | bash - && apt-get install -y nodejs. It worked nodejs had been but without npm. I don’t know what I did wrong


It seems like npm is not bundled with this package and you should install it manually. Or you can use our node base images which has node and npm pre-installed, for example if you want raspbian with node 10.x, you can try this image balenalib/raspberry-pi-node:10.

Ok, thank you. Now npm woks but if I run vcgencmd I get VCHI initialization failed. Do you know how to fix this? I searched for this error but found nothing that worked.

Is your container running as privileged? This may be required to run the vcgencmd command.

The container is now running privileged and it works well.
Thank you