Using UniPi Balena OS Image with Balena Cloud


in short I would like to run the Balena OS for UniPi (based on Raspberry Pi 4) on Balena Cloud.

What I did:

So I went on and installed Open Balena Admin to my Cluster: GitHub - dcaputo-harmoni/open-balena-admin: Open Balena Admin (btw ingressive project @drcnyc !)
Made this also running, created the custom device with the slug and boom, the device is running perfectly with openBalena.

So now my Question: Can I make this running with Balena Cloud? I think a K8S Cluster is a bit over the top even it was a fun project to learn. I just would like to have this device in my normal Balena Cloud dashboard. @floion you seem to be responsible for the balenaOS image of UniPi, maybe you can tell me more about that?

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Hi Daniel, this device type was added as a customer request and hence it is not widely available. Our customer success team can contact you to discuss possibilities if you want to move forward.

Hi @alexgg this would be nice. Let me know whats the best way to start this and who I need to contact.
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Hey Daniel, just a quick note to let you know that we haven’t forgotten - it’s just that things are a bit slower in the holiday period.

Hi Daniel, I have confirmed our customer success team is already in contact and working out a solution. Please re-open if that’s not the case.

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