Updating the Node Version

Hello there, I am fairly new to balenaCloud and have been trying for the past day to get the node version of my devices raised. Right now its stuck at 10.10 and I need at least 12.7.0 for a package I am using. I have tried using nvm to upgrade it to no luck. In my package.json for my project if I set the node version any higher than 10.10 I get the message “Couldn’t satisfy node version”.

I found this page: https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/base-images/base-images/ and it looks like they have images up to Node v13, but I am not sure how to use these images on my devices.

Thank you

Hello, Please could you share the contents of your DockerFile? You probably need to change the FROM directive to use a different base image.

I did manage to figure it out by reading through the github docker files and using one of those. I could not find documentation directly on Balena to change out your image, especially since you can use Balena CLI without a docker file so I did not know you could customize it.

Hey @tgb, good to hear that you resolved the issue. There is an example in our docs that show how to use these base images: https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/base-images/base-images/#examples

For your information, we have a Docker masterclass that might help out with the fundamentals: https://www.balena.io/docs/learn/more/masterclasses/docker-masterclass/

Let us know if you have any further feedback on our docs.