trigger video call on raspberry pi via alexa/google nest

Hello everyone!
I need little help with a project…

Question: how can i initiate a video call on a raspberry pi via alexa

Background (why i need this):
I’am really glad I found your project:
“Put friends and loved ones on the big screen with this instant video call project”

It was a long long wish of mine to implement such thing for my grandma. She spends most of her time in bed before TV… It would mean a world to her to be able to call me up or other people for a video chat.

I need help figuring out two things to make it work for her:

1. how to initiate this video call on raspberry pi via Alexa/google nest (hey alexa, make a call to bob)
2. how to switch between two hdmi signals with a raspberry pi (to signal where the video chat will be shown, and back to her regular TV signal when the video chat is over) (i asked this in a separate post Switch between two HDMI signals for television via raspberry PI)


Hey there,

It is possible to do #1 on your list, but it’s going to take a bit of work/code on your side. We are currently working on version 2 of the browser block which underpins the balenaDash project you are using. This has an API that you can call from other containers or, if you expose the port, externally via the device public URL. This would allow you to change the URL the browser is displaying programmatically from an external service such as AWS, Google or IFTTT.