Switch to Standalone Mode on Bluetooth Connection

Hi There,

I’am looking for an Option to switch Balena Audio Client in Standalone Mode if a Device connects via Bluetooth. The Idea behind is, to work as Multiroom Client until a device connects via Bluetooth. The Balena Audio Client should then cut off the Connection to Multiroom Server and play only the Bluetooth Stream. If Bluetooth gets disconnects, then the Balena Audio Client should change to Multiroom Client Mode again an reconnect to Multiroom Server. Is that possible ? Or which component has to be changed to make it possible.


Hello there @3nx, unfortunately this is currently not possible due to not having bluetooth events/triggers available on our end (meaning the ability to run custom code on connect/disconnect). It is currently planned, you can see the GH issue here Connection events · Issue #3 · balenablocks/bluetooth · GitHub however I can’t give you a firm date on when this will be available.

I’ve linked the issue to this thread so when it get’s addressed you’ll be notified.