SWAP files inside container

Hi @Langhalsdino,
We currently do not support the memswap_limit docker-compose field and do not encourage using swap on IoT devices in general.
The main reason is that using swap can wear the storage medium of the device really quickly, especially if it is using an SD card.
BalenaOS is using a readonly filesystem for most of its parts exactly for this reason.

Could you provide some extra info about your use case and the reason that using in container swap files is required?
I would like to open an internal feature request issue for this and add it to the list of features to consider.

In the mean time, even though we do not officially support swap files, I can point you to a blog post of ours, where we explain how we managed to get a resource heavy application run using a system level swap file:

Keep in mind though that the balenaFin has an industrial grade eMMC storage and also that this was an experiment from our side that we didn’t evaluate how it would work for long periods of time.

Kind regards,