Support for device environment variables


This is really weird. Can you please follow the steps below to get a fresh installation up?

Pull the latest version of all services, with:

$ cd open-balena
$ ./scripts/compose pull

Then reset the current deployment (note the following will delete all data, including the database):

$ ./scripts/compose kill
$ ./scripts/compose down
$ docker volume rm openbalena_s3 openbalena_redis openbalena_db openbalena_registry

Pull the latest open-balena:

$ cd open-balena
$ git pull

Run the quickstart again:

$ ./scripts/quickstart


@WillFG I managed to reproduce the database error :slight_smile: I’m now looking to fix this.


@dfunckt - great! I thought I was doing something stupid and / or going mad…


@WillFG just a quick note that we’re actively working on a fix for this – turns out it’s not trivial to resolve. We’ll keep you updated.


Thanks, will be very helpful when working as it’s a very useful feature.


Thanks @WillFG for posting this thread and @dfunckt for working on a fix. I’m just getting started with an openbalena self-hosted server and ran into the same database error when attempting to set env vars. @dfunckt is there a Github issue that we can follow for the fix? Or perhaps there is a workaround that you identified? Thanks.