Supervisor / wifi-connect web API

Hi Balena community,

Part of my Balena use has called for a means of interacting with the Balena supervisor through a browser. I also needed to connect and disconnect from wifi routers more regularly than is easily supported by the standard balena wifi-connect container, so I put together a Python based Flask-Restful API by adapting the wifi-connect methodology.

It currently supports (although lacks any thorough testing or critical eye):

  • Checking status of the wifi-connection
  • Triggering updates of the device.
  • Changing the hostname of the device.
  • Retrieving the journal logs to your browser.
  • Disconnecting and forgetting the wifi-connection you are currently connected to.

There is plenty of room to add other supervisor features, it should be pretty self-explanatory to those with basic coding skills.

Hope this is of some use to someone, and that the many people out there far smarter than I can contribute useful additions, I certainly could do with all the help I can get.

Hey there!
Thanks for sharing your project!
I’m sure the community will find it helpful :slight_smile: