Sunsetting and Introducing Cloudlink

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I’d like to say that I love the blog explaining why the VPN is replaced by Cloudlink. And the name ‘cloudlink’ is a much better term for what the OpenVPN-based service accomplishes. When we’re talking with (bigger) companies, the term “VPN” is scary for their IT-department at first, because of incoming connections. Using the term Cloudlink will make this much easier to explain!

And, as always, I’m wondering how to implement this in openBalena. Is the idea that the ‘vpn’ endpoint is replaced by a ‘cloudlink’ endpoint and that’s it? Anyways, great work!

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I was wondering where and how the “automatic update to cloudlink” is stored and triggered.

I have a bunch of devices in my fleet, that are only on occasionally (sometimes down for almost a year), resulting in a wide variety of OS versions. The lowest version I could find seems to be 2.29.2+rev2, the latest is 2.83.21+rev1.

From what I can tell, the 2.83.21+rev1 device I have here physically, has the correct URL set in the OpenVPN config (remote 443); yet in /mnt/boot/config.json, it (still) shows "vpnEndpoint": "".