Suggestion: Integration marketplace

A thought, something that would undoubtedly increase Balena’s utility is a marketplace for pre-baked integrations to easily extend particular features.

Imagining one click integrations like Sendgrid (alerts), Twilio (alerts), Slack (alerts), Auth0 (SSO), Splunk (logs), Datadog (logs), AWS IoT, etc, etc.

Maybe release part 4??


Thanks - That sounds like an awesome idea for a release party :slight_smile:
Are you thinking of these integrations as something that work with balena cloud, or something to put on the devices?

Some of our engineers have been working on something which is similar to what you mentioned - balenaBlocks.
You can read the blog post here - but to quickly summarize think of them as docker services that do one thing, and do it well. We have a browser, audio and a finabler block already - along with a Telegraf block called connector, as well as a wifi-connect block.

You can find the source for them in this github org -

Hi Anuj, balenablocks are great nice work - however yes I was thinking more on the cloud side.
For example: theres probably some common requirements across most customers to understand fleetwide uptime. Since the cloud app is aggregating that information for the UI, a commonly useful integration would be plugging in their own slack or teams integration to get notifications when one goes offline.

I guess it is a similar concept to blocks but brought to the cloud and in a fleet context rather than a device context.

That would be interesting indeed! I’m sure customers would be able to do a lot if we had something like webhooks on the dashboard for notifications, and linking to Zapier or IFTTT like services. We’ve discussed this internally before, and I have added your interest to that discussion as well! We’ll keep you posted on this thread when we have something deployed :slight_smile: