Stop IPv6 address from changing

It seems that our Balena devices are changing their IP addresses periodically.
They aren’t getting IP’s from DHCPv6 - so I can’t make them static.
Is there a way to prevent this and just have the device use the one IP address consistently?

Hi there.

This is mostly caused by IPv6 Privacy Extensions generating a new EUI64 address every now and then. You can disable it in NetworkManager by setting ip6-privacy to -1 in your system connection file.

Hope that helps,

That’s awesome - thank you @jimsynz
I can’t see where I should configure that in the fleet settings?

My pleasure.

@jimsynz Does it go in fleet management? I can’t find documentation on the option anywhere.
It looks like an OS level / network-manager thing - but I need this fleet wide.

Yes, this is something that you need to change on the default network connection file in the system-connections folder in the boot partition (either /mnt/boot on the device or by popping the SD card out and mounting it on your computer). The other option is to try using DBUS to modify the system connection from within a container: