Slow build times on RPI


Hi there,

I read somewhere in the docs that the build happens in a cross compiler and not in the Pi itself, so it can build faster.
However, I am trying to build a nodejs app and it took the whole weekend and is still building. The build performance seems very similar to when I build directly on the RPI 2 model b.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the build?


Hey Franklin,

It looks like something very wrong is happening there. I’ll go try to figure it out with the team and I will get back to you asap.



We believe the build “hung”. The reason is not quite clear, but a few things have come up: bringing files with git clones which can hung due to unresponsiveness (this is the most likely one, this “hung” is accompanied by a “Still working…” message in the dashboard that will just not go away:D), another possibility is a qemu bug that results in builds being hung (we are looking into solution like fully arm build servers). The later is less likely to be your case because the build should automatically re-trigerr after 24h. If your case is the “git clone hung” can you please try removing all the git clone commands and copying the files some other way?
Whatever is the case please write back so I could provide support.



No problem. I will try removing the dependencies that are pointing to git repos.



I actually had already tried removing all git references and the build still hung.
I will try to checking all the dependencies.


I will need a bit more specific information about what you are trying to build, in order to identify the issue. Could you describe it shortly? Alternatively if the project is not private could you point me to a repo?



Hi Theodor,

the original project is private, but I have replicated the relevant parts here:

package.json contains the npm dependencies that hung during the build process.



Hello Franklin,

Thank you for the resources that is most helpful. I will come back to you as soon as I have an answer.