Simplest way to restart a conatiner on a device?


We have a remote managed digital display in a local business which is displaying a slideshow of their products. This is all working well and I’ll write it up sometime in the near future.

They can edit their slideshow in the cloud themselves.

What I would like is a simple way for them to then restart the container running the kiosk mode web browser so it reloads their updated content.

They are non technical so ideally I’d like them to send a message somewhere (e.g. telegram) into a cloud based node-red flow which then does “something” with the API to restart the container.

Or maybe there is a better way?

Can anybody help!



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Actually maybe click a button on a cloud Node-Red UI flow

It sounds like you want to provide a pre-configured
Interacting with the balena Supervisor - Balena Documentation API call for them.

That works great thanks!

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