Setting uDev rules remotely

According to this old blog post, you can set things in the config.txt remotely.

Is there any plan to implement a system where this could be used to change the config.json remotely as well? Or am I mistaken in believe there is no clear way of doing this now?

For example, if I wanted to add a udev rule like this:
"os":{"udevRules":{"11":"SUBSYSTEM==\"net\", ACTION==\"add\", DRIVERS==\"rt2800usb\", NAME=\"mon%n\""}},

In my ideal world set:

RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_JSON_os = :{"udevRules":{"11":"SUBSYSTEM==\"net\", ACTION==\"add\", DRIVERS==\"rt2800usb\", NAME=\"mon%n\""}},

Balena would then take my rule and distribute it to the devices if and only if I didn’t break json with my rule.

I understand this is more complicated than adding a line to the config.txt but it would be a great feature.

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. There have been people asking about this before, and it is something that is already we are tracking. Although I cannot promise any timeline, every feature request we get bumps up the priority of tasks. Once we get this implemented we will update you and this thread. Have a nice day!

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