Setting Default Jetson Energy Mode (nvpmodel) progamatically


I am using Balena with a Jetson Xavier and wonder if there is a way to set the default energy mode such that when I flash a device it automatically launches with this energy mode.

The default energy mode is set to 2, while I want it to be set to 0.

Currently I have to manually ssh into the HostOS and edit the file at /etc/nvpmodel.conf such that < PM_CONFIG DEFAULT=0 >, but this becomes cumbersome if you are looking to launch a lot of devices.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

We currently do not expose an easy way to achieve that.
It sounds useful though to be able to do by using a device configuration variable in the balenaCloud dashboard.
I’ve opened an internal issue for this to track this request and gave a note to the respective internal teams.

We will let you know when we have updates on this.

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Hi @uvaaland

You can also have a look at this option of adding a udev rule: Nvpmodel not installed on Jetson TX2 yocto image

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I might be able to do with this for now :+1: