Sending / Creating files in the device with BalenaOs


I have a raspberry3 and i install there a balenaOs through the image i downloaded from dashboard (new device) . I already run there some services using balena push.
1.Can i create files/folders through the HostOs terminal ? every time i try i get the message
“Read-only file system”.
2.Can i send a file (e.g. a Dockerfile) to a device which running balenaOs?

Thank you


Most parts of the OS are read only to try and mitigate any corruption issues. The recommended way to store data on a device is to use a docker volume, initialised with the docker-compose file you push. If you want to add data to the device, you can add it directly to the /resin-data partition, but again this isn’t recommended.

The standard way to send a Dockerfile (and build it at the same time) is to use balena push. It might help to understand what you are trying to achieve by doing this.

Just adding a couple of documentation links that you may find useful: