SD Card Size Increasing with Local Building

I have been using building with local mode for several weeks now and I have noticed that my SD Card usage keeps increasing. It’s now at ~22GB of ~28GB. Is this normal? If not how should I clear the card?

Hi @westcoastdaz,

Here is a comment I just made in another forum post which may explain why storage space keeps increasing: Balena Supervisor Not Pruning Dangling Images

In short, the Supervisor does not handle image management in local mode, only upon switching to and from local mode. To resolve your SD card’s size being taken up, you could try balena system prune on your device to clear out unused images/containers/etc. Please note that this will remove all unused containers, images, and networks on the device (not volumes though). Please let us know if this works!


Hi @cywang117,

The balena system prune seems to have done the trick! Thank you.