SAP HANA Cancelling Connections

We have a JAVA application where we connect to SAP HANA and get the data. Facing an issue of SAP Hana cancelling the connection as shown in the below IndexServer logs. And in the java application we have UI Tabs, hence multiple calls are happening. sometimes only few tabs are failing with below error and other tabs are success. Somehow the HANA has a limit of connections or so and not allowing for new connections.

On the java side we are getting the error as " Connection to database server lost; check server and network status [System error: Socket closed]"

Hi, can you please share more details about the device - type, OS version, supervisor version etc as well as if this is the new problem you’re experiencing after migrating from other OS / platform or is this something you tried for the first time that is not working as expected on balena? The error seems to do with networking. If this is a multi-container application please share what isnetwork-mode of the container is set to as well. Also you can run diagnostics from balenaCloud to see if the device is performing network tasks as expected and let us know the details to help you better, thanks!

@varunteja did you solve your issue? Did you follow the suggestions made by my colleague?

Let us know if we can help you more!