Revoke Api Keys

We are currently trying out openBalena and recently figured out that we could use “generate api-key” to get a key we can use to log in. Now the question, where are these Keys saved and can they be deleted/revoked somehow?

Can you specify where/how you’re generate the API key ? Are you using balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation ?

Hi @luclucluca I’m just sharing some more of our docs on generating API keys in case they are useful to you

The second link there has a code snippet for deleting an API key which should hopefully work for you if you want to delete any of your existing keys

Yes that’s how we generated them.

Thank you very much! I’ll try these tomorrow.

great, let us know if you have any more questions :blush:

Thanks very much for the Great help! We are able now the see all the generated api keys! Tho it seems that, since we use those generated api keys to access them, we dont have the permission do Delete any api keys. I’ve read before about a “supervisor” api key but we were unable to find it anywhere. Does that also exist in openBalena? If yes where do we find it or how do we generate it?

Thanks in Advance!