Restart logs for services

I have Balena OS version 4.0.16 deployed on a rpi4 device. Supervisor lock is enabled to avoid random restarts. However, sometimes all services restart randomly and I have checked the system uptime. It seems hardware has not rebooted but only services have restarted. Are there any logs to check why services are restarted at supervisor level.

Attaching health checks

Hello @Perzade did you check more logs of the device?

Usually when balenaEngine is crashlooping might be caused due a disk corruption. Could you please try to update the balenaOS and see what happens?

It is the latest OS version 4.0.16 as I have mentioned before. I couldn’t find more info. Can you share what logs can be checked further?

HW is rpi CM4 with 16GB EMMC & 4GB RAM. I checked the corruption and it shows failed status for 1 file only.

Ok! I thought you were using a Raspberry Pi 4 with a SD card @Perzade

Could you please try

balena ps -a

You can also check the journalctl logs for messages related to balena:

journalctl -fn 100 -u balena

Hey…I couldn’t find anything more in the logs. How often are health check reports updated? I am getting same output for past 24hrs even when all service have been working well for over a day.