resinOS direct login and docker

I am trying to use docker on resinOS directly, i.e. logging directly into the host device (which I can do as root when the Raspberry Pi is connected to a monitor via HDMI), but docker is not a recognized command. It seems like the OS is based off of BusyBox, but since containers run on top of this OS, there must be a docker runtime on the host OS, correct? I know there is a resin CLI, but the point is I don’t want another computer to use the CLI on, I want to interact with docker on the Raspberry PI resinOS host directly. Any help would be appreciated.

Try using ‘balena’ instead of ‘docker’. I believe that, and not Docker itself, is available on ResinOS (at least, that is the case with Most of the docker commands work just fine with balena.

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Awesome, I had no idea they used a different engine. This is perfect, thank you.

Some more info on balena can be found on this blog post. Latest resin versions use balena as container engine.