Resin-wpe : Unavailable recipes for wpebackend-rdk and wpewebkit


I’m trying to build a new base image from the latest version of resin-wpe as explained in the README file.

cd base-image
git submodule init
git submodule update

But I get this error when I try to build it using the :

ERROR: No recipes available for:

@samoud, the missing files are here, Can you please check again if these files are available in your build directory?

Hello @nghiant, yes they are.

Hey @samoud, at what stage does that message appear?

Just did a new clone with git clone --recursive (which clones the submodules in one go), setup a python2 virtualenv, and run the ./ script. The build started fine, parsed all the recipes successfully. So I’m guessing the code might not be checked out fully for you? Could you do a new clone, and try from there, to test? (and we’ll do the build ourselves as well, to see what’s up)

Hi @imrehg ,

It’s working now :slight_smile: thanks.

Hey @samoud did the recursive git clone that was suggested above fix this issue for you?