Removal of data

As the new UI seems to implement removal/cleaning of data (yay \o/), I was just wondering how it functions.
I would assume that it first stops the program, then cleans the data partition, and finally restarts.

Can you confirm the functionality, as I currently have no devices I can test it on, thanks to the system working great :wink:

Hey kipe, that is indeed how it works :smile:

Thanks, so I thought :smile:

Partly related to this, “Move to another application” -feature has also been implemented. Does the move also remove the data or does it stay intact?
If it does remove the data, would it be possible to add an option to keep it intact?

This would allow easy testing of different projects on a single device, without resetting the whole system in between…

As it stands the data is not deleted. However the data is associated to a given application, meaning that it will not be available to the new application, but would be available again upon switching back to the old application.

Great, that’s the most common use-case covered :smile:

Oh, and I forgot to say we are planning to give the option to delete the data or copy it across with the move as well although there’s no current timeline on when that will be available